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Buckles & Belt Fittings: Make a leather belt for your reenactment & living history historical costume

We have everything you need for making your own belt. A great craft for reenactment events & living history in museums. Make a unique belt for your historical costume! Buy belt straps in different colours and sizes, with Viking, Roman, Celtic, medieval and Renaissance buckles. We even offer belt fittings and accessories to make your own Roman cingulum. Punch pliers are unmissable when making a belt, as they are used to make holes in the leather.


Roman belt, Celtic belt, Medieval belt, Viking belt or Medieval corset

We have a large assortment of belts and corsets made of leather and fabric based on authentic historical belts. Here you can find matching belts for all your historical costumes! We sell Roman belts, cingulums, Celtic belts, Medieval belts, Renaissance belts, Viking belts and Pirate belts. You can filter by period and theme. We also have medieval corsets made of fabric and leather, the perfect accessory for your outfit!


Cosplay & LARP belt and sword belts

We offer a large choice of belts and corsets in fantasy style as well. Perfect for your LARP and fantasy costumes! Customise your character with our unique belts. We sell special sword belts for LARP weapons too. This completes your outfit and will not damage your latex LARP weapon.