Leather arm & leg armor

Discover our leather arm bracers, leather greaves and vambraces by Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Ulfberth and other top brands. For LARP, Cosplay, Reenactment, Viking Costumes

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Arm bracers for Viking reenactment, LARP and Cosplay

Leather arm bracers are great with a medieval or Viking costume for reenactment, LARP and Cosplay. We have beautiful arm bracers of high quality leather, decorated with Thor's hammer, Celtic knots, Vegvisir, rivets and much more. Arm bracers are great for archery as they protect your forearm. They are also very practical for sword fighting in LARP and reenactment battles. And of course, they look beautiful with your outfit as well!


Leather arm and leg armour for LARP and reenactment

Discover our leather vambraces, greaves, shoulder armour and much more. Perfect for reenactment and LARP battles. They look great with your costume and the strong leather protects your arms and legs in battle. Our leather armour is made by top brands such as Mytholon, Epic Armoury and Ulfberth.