Incense, light & fire

Roman, Viking and medieval lanterns, candlesticks, oil lamps, braziers and torches for reenactment, LARP & medieval lifestyle for sale. Free shipping available now!

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Traditional incense and incense burners

Discover our historical incense burners, such as Roman incense bowls and medieval burners for church incense. Ideal for medieval and Roman reenactment, but also for a lovely scent in your home. For more great aromas, try burning dried herbs in our incense dishes. 


Wax torches for the balcony or garden

Ideal for in the garden, festivals and at festival campings: wax torches! These wax torches will burn for a long 90 minutes and can be placed in the ground or put in a torch holder. They will also look great on your balcony!


Medieval fire pits and fire bowls

Discover our collection of fire baskets and bowls! They are hand-forged for that authentic medieval look. You can burn logs in them or just cheap pallet wood for a great bonfire. When used with a grill on top, you can also use them as a fun historical grill or barbeque. Live out your medieval and viking dreams!


Medieval candlesticks and lanterns

If you are looking for medieval lifestyle items for home decoration, a medieval lantern is an excellent choice! They also make for a wonderful gift. Use our hand-forged candlesticks and wax candles on your dinner table for a medieval ambience. Medieval lanterns also look great in your personal castle room or tower room together with your swords.