Using modeling wax

Modeling wax is a great medium to make fake scars, wounds and cuts. It works best on parts of the skin that won’t move too much as thin layers can dry out a bit and crack when it moves too much. This is less of a problem for thicker layers.

What do you need?

-isopropyl alcohol

-make up pad

-spirit gum

-modeling wax

-petroleum jelly

-sculpting spatula

-sculpting tools




-fake blood

How to use modeling wax:

Step 1:

Prep your skin by wiping it down with some alcohol. This is to remove the oils from your skin. You can then apply a layer of the spirit gum on the spot you want the modeling wax to go.

Step 2:

Use the spatula to scoop out some of the modeling wax. Form it into a ball or roll in your hands and press it on your skin where the spirit gum is applied. 

Step 3:

Start smoothing out the basic shape and edges of the modeling wax with your fingers. Modeling wax is very sticky and has the tendency to stick to your fingers. By applying petroleum jelly to your finger you can prevent this from happening.

Drag out the edges of the shape to blend it into your skin. 

Step 4:

Use the sculpting tools to further shape the scar or wound. You can use the tools to blend the edges more or to press a cut or wound into the wax. 

Step 5 (optionally):

If the colour of the modeling wax doesn’t match your skin tone enough, you can apply makeup over it. You can also use makeup to add redness and other colour effects to the scar or wound to make it look more realistic. If you’re making a wound or cut, you can put some fake blood in the cut or wound as well.