Horse bow

A horse bow, or equestrian bow, is specifically designed for use on horseback. 

Horse bows are generally shorter than regular bows and the throwing arms have a significant curve. This curve helps shorten the length of the bow, without losing energy and speed when firing. 

Important for any bow is the draw. The draw determines how much force it takes from you to pull the bow all the way out. This drawing weight is measured in lbs, English pounds (1 lbs = 0.454kg). The more lbs the bow is, the more you need to be able to pull, but also the more speed the arrow will have when fired. 

The average draw of a horse bow is between 15 to 50 lbs.

The throwing arms of a horse bow are often made up of laminates, which are multiple layers of wood and plastic, such as fiberglass and carbon, which are glued together.


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