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Medieval tunic for reenactment and LARP

The tunic was the most popular and widely worn item of clothing in the world from Antiquity to the Middle Ages. Men wore the tunic to the knees or hips and women wore a tunic to the floor. We recommend that you always wear a belt with a tunic. In the Middle Ages, men always wore a belt over the tunic because they could hang a knife, bag and other necessities on it. They also used the belt to make the tunic shorter and longer, or to get more shape in the tunic. You can wear a tunic with or without pants. Men often wore the tunic without pants.


Medieval shirt

Discover our collection of medieval and Renaissance shirts for reenactment and LARP. Make a stunning medieval costume by combining a shirt with trousers and a doublet or jacket. Men mainly started to wear shirts in the late Middle Ages and Renaissance because the tunic fell out of fashion. Before this era, it was the more popular garment.