Weapon sharpness

We sell swords, axes and other weapons for different uses and purposes. This means the sharpness is different per weapon, depending on what the intended use is.

We have sharp, semi-sharp and battle-ready (blunt) weapons in our collection. You can find the details of a weapon's sharpness in the product description. 


Sharp weapons have both a sharp edge and a sharp tip. They can cut and penetrate, which means they have to be handled with care. This also means they aren’t meant to be used for training, live combat or brought to (most) festivals. They are mainly meant to be used as decorative items, or for cutting tests.

It is possible to make these weapons somewhat blunt, but not fully battle-ready.


The edge of a semi-sharp weapon has a thickness of about 1mm and a tapered tip. These weapons aren’t sharp enough to easily cut with. The tip is also blunted, but still pointed, which means they can still do some damage when used in live combat. 

One advantage of semi-sharp weapons is that they can both be sharpened and blunted without having to remove too much of the weapon. 


A battle-ready weapon has an even more blunted edge than a semi-sharp sword. Their edges have a thickness of about 3mm. The point of a battle-ready weapon is fully rounded, so it’s impossible to stab with it. A battle-ready weapon is safe to use in live combat and training, but you do need to check how durable a weapon is if you intend to use it intensively. Not all battle-ready weapons are made to be used as training weapons. More information on the durability of a weapon, such as the hardness of the steel, can be found in the product description. 


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