Maintenance of LARP weapons & armour

LARP weapons and sometimes LARP armour are made from latex. Latex, however, is prone to dehydration. When your latex weapons or armour dehydrate, they get damaged and can be rejected to use during a LARP event. It’s very important to apply the proper maintenance to your latex LARP items. 

The maintenance of latex items is fairly simple. Make sure the items are clean and dry after each use. Before storing them away until the next time you’ll use them, spray the latex with silicone spray. Use a paper towel to wipe some of the silicone spray off, but always make sure there’s still some silicone spray left to keep the latex hydrated. 

When spraying your latex LARP weapons, also check the material of the grip, as these can also be made of latex. 

Watch this video for a more detailed instruction on latex LARP item maintenance.

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