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Buy elven ears, troll and witch noses

Our Epic Armoury and Mytholon elven ears are used worldwide in elven LARPS and in the movie industry. The ears are flexible and can be adjusted to your ear size. You can even paint them in another colour to make them blend in with the rest of your outfit and body paint. Just like other body prostheses, our elven ears can be fastened with our Epic effect power glue. This glue was developed by Epic Armoury for latex noses, ears, nails and horns.


Latex mask for LARP and Cosplay, Halloween

Our latex masks are lifelike and can be worn for several hours. We have zombie, witch, goblin, elven and other scary creature masks. Most are hand painted and are used in both the LARP world and the film industry. Buy professional zombie and orc masks by Epic Armoury and Mytholon. You can paint the masks in your preferred colours. These high quality latex masks bring your Halloween, LARP and Cosplay costume to the next level.