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Buying a sword: what to look for

Are you on the hunt for a decorative sword or do you want to buy battle ready blades for sword fighting? In our webshop you can find UK blades for both decorative and practical use. In the product details you can read whether a sword is blunt / battle-ready for reenactment and sword fighting, or semi-sharp / razor-sharp for decorative use and cutting tests. The edge of a sword can always be adjusted! Buy a whetstone with your sword to sharpen it yourself, or order our sharpening service for bluntening or sharpening the sword of your choice. You can also choose between sword types, historical periods, steel quality and the like.


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Celtic WebMerchant: reliable UK sword shop

At Celtic WebMerchant you buy quality swords from the world’s most well-known sword brands: CAS Hanwei, Cold Steel, Windlass Steelcrafts, Battlecry, Deepeeka, Haller, John Lee, Ulfberth, Red Dragon, SPQR, Universal Swords, Urs Velunt and more. We also have a collection of custom made swords from artisan European blacksmiths. We do not sell razor-sharp swords to persons under 18, and we make sure that the weapon you buy is legal in the UK. We make sure that buying a sword online is carefree, easy, quick and reliable!