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Viking arm rings for men and women with dragons, wolves and other Viking symbols

Discover our collection of beautiful replica Viking bracelets for men and women. Many bracelets are slightly bendable and can be adjusted to size, we have a bracelet for every wrist. Our bracelets are based on original bracelets and everyday objects from the Viking age, such as the prow of the Oseberg Viking ship. They are decorated with Viking knots, geometric motifs and animals that were important to the Vikings such as ravens, wolves and dragons, which are often depicted on other Viking objects as well.


Viking bracelets made of silver, bronze, brass and silver-plated brass

Our Viking bracelets are made of several materials. We have silver and bronze bracelets, as well as silver-plated bronze and brass bracelets. These have a layer of silver instead of being completely made out of silver, but they come at a lower price. A Viking bracelet is a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.


Viking bracelet symbolism, Viking bracelet Ragnar

For the Vikings, bracelets had several purposes. These richly decorated bracelets were used as a status symbol and were handed to loyal people as a gift. An example is the Ragnar bracelet in the Vikings series. We have several decorated bracelets similar to this. There were also simple silver bracelets that were worn around the wrist as a purse. Vikings could break off pieces of silver from these bracelets to pay for their purchases. We have some of these so-called sog bracelets in our shop. These are perfect accessories for Viking reenactment.