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We are specialised in historical plate armour and helmets. Our morions & burgonets are based on historical originals. Many morions & burgonets are battle-ready and suitable for reenactment. Blows to the head are less common in 17th century reenactments. That is why morions & burgonets with a steel thickness of 1-1.5 mm are often sufficient.

Morions & Burgonets for 15th-17th century events


The 17th century was a very eventful century. That is precisely why we have a large collection of 17th century clothing, weapons and helmets such as the morion and burgonet. Like pikeman helmets, Morions were mainly used by infantrymen. They were worn all over Europe because they were so functional. The edges protected the head against falling projectiles. The helmet has an optimal field of view. Morions are also impressive for a 17th century costume. These helmets were often decorated with feathers for parades.

Burgonet, the last knight helmet


Cavalrymen in the 17th century wore burgonets. Cavalrymen were often recruited from the high middle class and aristocracy. The burgonet can therefore be seen as the last real knight helmet. In the era of pikemen, artillery and musketeers, burgonets offered little protection. They were more suitable for cavalry battles with swords.