Celtic, Roman & Greek statues

Replica Greek statues and Roman statues of gods, philosophers and emperors. Reliefs of Celtic and Roman gods and scenes from Antiquity. For home & garden, paint it yourself

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Roman statue or emperor bust for home & garden

If you've ever been to Rome or any other famous ancient city, you might be familiar with the imperial statues and art sculptures from the museums. The white colours of the emperor and god statues have a rustic appearance, but originally the marble was painted in all kinds of colours. Time has worn the paint off. Do you want to decorate your home with Roman statues? You can leave them white or paint them in colours of your choice. Our sculptures are also suitable for the garden.


Egyptian figurines, Greek and Celtic Art statues

We also have statues and figurines from other Ancient cultures. For example an Egyptian pharaoh, Greek philosophers and gods such as Plato and Zues or a Celtic statue. These are replica figurines based on historical originals from Ancient Antiquity. Our statues are cheaper than in museum shops. The alabaster statues are also suitable for placing in the garden and for DIY painting.


Roman relief

In our shop you can also find reliefs of the Romans, Egyptians and Celts. For example, reliefs of Roman chariot races, gladiators, a replica of the Gundestrup cauldron and more. You can leave these reliefs in their current colour, or paint them yourself. They are beautiful in the hallway, in the bathroom or outside in the garden. At the back they have an eyelet to hang them on a wall or fence.