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Everything you need for living history, historical reenactment, Roman, Viking, medieval reenactment! Tents, crafts, cooking, lanterns, historical sewing & more!

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For reenactment, living history & LARP events you will often be away for a long weekend. At Celtic WebMerchant you can find everything you need in order to set up a camp for all your reenactment & LARP events and festivals. Or even for creating a living history camp in the woods! We have many historical crafting materials to keep you busy for the entire weekend, and to inspire the visitors that come to see your camp!


Reenactment camp supplies: viking & medieval tents, cauldrons, pans, buckets & more

In our shop you can find durable and sturdy gear for all your reenactment and LARP weekends. Not satisfied = money back. We ship for free above 75 euros and can also ship heavy items for free. This way you can easily & quickly order your basic reenactment & LARP camping gear in one go. We have Viking & medieval tents, medieval kettles and pans, tripods, cutlery, plates, chairs, wooden buckets, wooden tubs, lanterns, campfire supplies and all the other gear you need for a fun and interesting weekend.


Historical crafts & living history materials

We have a large collection of craft materials for living history and reenactment. As a reenactor you often show historical crafts to visitors during an event at a festival or in historical museums such as Dublinia.  Crafting is more fun if you have fine materials to work with and find a craft that you enjoy. In our shop you can find sewing materials and accessories for making clothing, materials for making ink, for making belts and bags, for historical writing, for making oil paint and much more. Find the craft that you like best and inspire visitors with your love for history! Historical crafting is also fun to do at home.