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Authentic Viking dress and Viking apron dress (hangeroc)

Discover our Viking woman costumes made after archaeological finds. We have the most beautiful selection in the UK. Our assortment includes Viking dresses, Viking aprons and Viking hangerocks. We also sell matching Viking accessories such as fibulae and turtle brooches. Viking costumes for women were very homogeneous. It was the colours and jewellery that made them unique. Most Viking women wore brown, cream ocher, or dark green dresses. The pigments for these natural colours were found all over the Viking world and were easy to make. Only the richest Viking women wore colours such as blue and at rare occasions purple.


Viking woman clothing

The life of Viking women is described in many sagas. We also know from graves and grave goods how Viking women lived. The Vikings carried their wealth with them. Rather than money, the Vikings preferred to wear their wealth in jewellery. Rich Viking women owned a lot of jewellery.