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What is Drachenfest LARP?


Drachenfest is a major LARP event in Germany that attracts thousands of people. There is also an English part called Adventure Drachenfest. This also allows non-German speakers to participate and you receive a course about the world of Drachenfest. Drachenfest revolves around the fantasy world of Alradach, the world of dragons, and has a medieval setting. There is a lot of space and freedom for playing your character. There is also a medieval town with shops and guilds where there is a lot of opportunity for roleplaying and interaction. At Celtic WebMerchant you can find everything you need for your Drachenfest LARP costume.

The story behind Drachenfest


The rulers of the Drachenfest world are dragons. They once destroyed their homeland in a great battle. After this world was lost, the dragons had great regrets. They made a new world and decided never to fight each other again and always pursue peace. But in order to achieve this peace, they decided that an annual competition between the dragons should take place. That's the Drachenfest. Once a year, their followers go to the dragon world and fight under the protection of their dragon. The winning dragon is the ruler of the dragon world for one year.