What do you need?




-wood glue

-(rubber) hammer

-sandpaper or wood file

How to install the axe head

Step 1:

Place the axehead on the shaft to see how far it can go on the shaft. The shaft should protrude from the top of the axehead by a few centimeters. If the shaft is too thick to go that far through the eye of the head, line up the axehead on the side of the shaft. Make sure that the shaft protrudes a few centimeters and mark off with a pencil where the bottom of the axehead should be. Use sanding paper or a wood file to re-shape the shaft. Regularly check the progress by trying the axehead on the shaft, until it slides down to the marked spot. Be careful not to sand down the shaft too much or the axehead won’t stay on the shaft.

Step 2:

Use a chisel or saw to make a cut in the top of the shaft. It should be deep enough for the wooden wedge to go in deep enough that the head will stay secured. 

Step 3:

Put some wood glue on the wedge and place it in the shaft. Use the hammer to make sure the wedge is firmly in place. Let the glue dry for at least 15 minutes.

Step 4:

Use a saw to cut down the part of the shaft that protrudes from the top of the ax. Leave about 1 to 2 cm of wood above the axehead. Sand the small piece of wood remaining into your preferred shape. 

Step 5:

To further strengthen the ax, you can also attach a steel wedge. You can do this by hitting the steel wedge in with the hammer. Use the screwdriver to tap in the wedge a little deeper, so it won’t protrude from the shaft.


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