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Roman bags

In our shop you can buy several bags for Roman reenactment. Such as the Roman pera and authentic leather money pouches. You can attach bags and money pouches to your belt.


Viking bags: Birka bag, Thor's hammer bag

We have a large assortment of Viking bags for reenactment, which are based on real bags from the Viking era. For example the Birka bag. This bag contains decorations found in the Viking town of Birka. Different brands have made their own version of the Birka bag. We also have beautiful bags with Thor's hammers, Viking art motifs and more. We also have the perfect bags for Viking LARP and Cosplay. You can hang them on your belt so that you have everything at hand during festivals and events.


Medieval bags: kidney purse, belt bag, pilgrim bag for festivals

We have the perfect bags for a medieval costume! Our bags are based on bags in medieval manuscripts and on paintings. A well-known type of medieval bag is the belt bag and the kidney bag. Both are worn on the belt. The kidney purse has a distinctive shape. We have several pilgrim bags, these are fabric shoulder bags. They are also perfect as a festival bag for Comic Cons and medieval festivals such as Castlefest. They are comfortable to carry around, they are completely in the style of medieval festivals and it can simply be worn over your shoulder like a modern bag.


Marshal Historical, Burgschneider, Mytholon, Epic Armoury bags

We have handmade bags and bags by top brands in the field of LARP, reenactment and medieval festivals. When you buy a bag from us, you receive high quality for a low price.