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Sallet helmet


This type of helmet is named sallet, sallet helm, salad, celata or schaller. It was one of the most well-known medieval helmets. This 15th century helmet is an Italian development from the bascinet. The helmet was especially popular in North-Western Europe and Hungary. Various types of sallets have been produced, from knight tournament sallets to simple celetas without visors that infantrymen wore. The sallet was often mass-produced and used for armour by the first professional armies that emerged in the 15th century.

Sallet & bevor


Not every sallet has a bevor or visor, as such helmets were more expensive and not affordable for the infantry during the Middle Ages. For reenactment and LARP battles we recommend wearing a sallet helmet with a visor. This is more comfortable if you wear the helmet for a long time. You can often combine the sallet with a bevor. Most bevors with a flat raised edge will fit most sallets. Sallets without a visor could sometimes be combined with a bevor and some 15th century bevors even have their own visor.