Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

Medieval costumes, clothing and accessories for Tewkesbury: the largest UK medieval festival. Swords and clothing for the Battle of Tewkesbury reenactment, the final battle in War of the Roses

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What is Tewkesbury medieval festival?


Tewkesbury is one of the largest medieval festivals that is held annually in the UK since 1984. The festival is visited by many medieval reenactors, bands and traders. The festival commemorates the final  battle in the War of the Roses between House York and Lancaster, where prince Edward was killed. A grand medieval reenactment of the Battle of Tewkesbury is held at the original battle site. There is a large medieval style market and there are performances of folk bands.


When and where is Tewkesbury medieval festival?


Tewkesbury medieval festival is held annually in the second weekend of July close to the center of Tewkesbury on the original battle site.


Tewkesbury medieval costume


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