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Greek helmets for sale: Corinthian helmet, Attic helmet

In Greek Antiquity, people wore different types of Greek helmets. The different types of Greek helmets include the Attic helmet, Corinthian helmet and Boeotian helmet. These helmets all have a different appearance. The Attic helmet resembles the Roman galea and was still worn in the Roman Empire. The Corinthian helmet is the classic Greek helmet model with a long shape and a crest, which was also worn by the Spartans. The Boeotian helmet had a more rounded shape. In our webshop you will find almost all different types of Greek helmets!


Celtic helmets: Montefortino helmet

The most famous Celtic helmet type is the Montefortino helmet. The Roman galea is derived from ancient Celtic helmets. The Montefortino helmet had a neck plate and cheek flaps and a decoration on the centre of the helmet. This type of helmet was first found in a Celtic grave in the town of Montefortino. Discover our collection of Celtic and Gallic helmets!


Roman helmets by Deepeeka: galea helmet, coolus helmet, gladiator helmet and crests

In our shop you can find the largest selection of Roman helmets in Europe and matching accessories like helmet crests and helmet stands. The most famous Roman types of helmets are the galea and the coolus. Both types originated from Celtic helmets. The coolus has a round shape with a short neck plate and cheek flaps. They usually weren’t decorated. The galea was often decorated and had cheek flaps, a longer neck plate, an eyebrow reinforcement and a helmet crest. The Galea was often worn by centurions. We also have several gladiator helmets for sale. These helmets were larger than the helmets of the Roman legionaries, they had a full face shield and a protective plate over the entire neck. Our Roman helmets are mainly produced by the well-known brand Deepeeka, specialised in replicas from this era. The helmets are modelled after original Roman helmets found in museums and are therefore historically accurate. Our Roman helmets are great for home decoration, reenactment and LARP.