Repairing chainmail

When you wear a chainmail item it’s inevitable that some of the rings will come loose. Luckily, this is easy to repair. 

We sell different types of chain mail, but they’re all made in the 1-in-4 construction. This means that 1 ring closes around 4 other rings.

Un-riveted chainmail

If you have un-riveted chainmail, you can repair the chainmail using chainmail rings and pliers. You just place a new ring where it’s needed and close the ring using the pliers. 

Riveted chainmail

Riveted chainmail largely works the same as un-riveted chainmail. The only difference is the rivet. 

Like with un-riveted chainmail, you can just place a new ring where it’s needed and close it using pliers. When the ring is bent closed, you need to insert the rivet with a special rivet plier. 

This is a little more work than with un-riveted chainmail, but the advantage of riveted chainmail is that the rings will come off less quickly. This is particularly handy in the armpits, where there is often more friction.


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