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LARP props and character accessories for Viking LARP, elven LARP, Cosplay and more. Skeletons, elven heads, fingers, pirate hooks, LARP stones and coreless LARP props

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Care and maintenance of LARP props

In a LARP you often need props such as foam bricks and hammers to create realistic and safe settings for your LARP character. Hard objects are avoided for safety. Most LARP props are made of foam with a latex coating. The latex makes the props look lifelike. LARP props should be regularly maintained with silicone spray. This protects the latex from drying out. LARP props don't have a hard core, so some can be used for throwing. There are also props made of hardened EVA foam, which are designed for decor. These props are also great for Cosplay, D&D, theatre, movies and Halloween.


LARP character items

We also have other accessories for creating a LARP character. Such as leather gloves, Viking props and all kinds of other items. We are a dealer of top LARP brands such as Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Freyhand & Burgschneider. New items are added regularly.