Removing smell from drinking horns

Because our drinking horns are made from animal material they can sometimes still have some of the animal smell on them. 

There are a few ways you can use to try to remove the smell.


Soap rinse and dry baking soda

For this method you can first wash the drinking horn with some warm soapy water. Only use a mild soap for this. Let the horn air dry. Once it’s dry, sprinkle some dry baking soda in the horn and leave it in overnight. You can repeat this process a few times. 


Baking soda soak

Another method is to soak the drinking horn in a solution of baking soda in lukewarm water. Only soak it for about 30 minutes. After the soak, rinse the drinking horn with lukewarm water and towel dry. Leave the drinking out to air dry further until the drinking horn is fully dry.