Putting on leg armour

Leg armour comes in a few different parts that you can either wear all together as full leg armour, or of which you can use only some of the parts. Full leg armour would consist of upper leg armour, knee caps and lower leg armour (greaves). Additionally, you can also wear sabatons, which cover the feet and tassets, which cover the hips. 

Putting on leg armour

Most pieces of leg armour all have the same mechanism to put them on. Upper leg armour, knee caps and greaves all need to be attached to your like with straps and buckles that go around your leg. 

Putting on sabatons

Sabatons work in a similar way as leg armour does. You place the sabatons on top of your feet, so they cover the top of your feet and your toes. You can then use the strap that goes around the heel to secure them in place. 

Putting on tassets

Tassets generally have two different ways of putting them on, depending on the model.

Some tassets need to be attached to a cuirass, which can be done with leather straps and buckles.

Some other tassets have leather straps that are looped so you can wear them by pulling a belt through the loops. 

You can find our leg armour here.