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The shop for Roman, Celtic, Medieval, Germanic and Viking jewellery

In our webshop we have the most beautiful jewellery based on period pieces! The best gifts for a birthday, Christmas or for yourself. Our historical jewellery was developed after careful research into archaeological finds of jewellery over the centuries. We have Roman, Celtic, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Tudor and Victorian replica jewellery that was worn centuries ago! Every piece of jewellery has its own story.


Handmade jewellery from Europe

No junk from webshops in the Far East! Our jewellery is cast by hand from bronze, pewter and other materials, made in Europe. They are made in larger quantities using moulds so that the price can remain low, but production can take place in Europe. Most of our jewellery comes from England and Germany.


Jewellery for a Viking and medieval historical costume, reenactment & more

Jewellery is the most beautiful accessory for a historical costume or for reenactment. A simple costume can look extra special with the right necklace and brooches. Our jewellery is, of course, also great to wear in everyday life!