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Discover our main gauches and parrying daggers! Razor sharp or blunt, for Historical European Martial Arts and reenactment. Windlass, Cold Steel, Hanwei, Deepeeka

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The main gauche was used from the late 15th to 17th century. The main gauche, French for left hand, is also known as a parrying dagger as it was designed to parry the opponent’s rapier. Nowadays the main gauche is also called a left hand dagger. Main gauches often have a large guard to protect the hand in battle. The main gauche was made in a large variety of shapes and sizes and used to be a weapon for wealthy gentlemen. It was worn as a fashion accessory as well. When the rapier was replaced by the epee, the main gauche fell out of fashion and became a museum weapon.


Cold Steel & Hanwei main gauches

The top brands Hanwei and Cold Steel have both made main gauche replicas. Cold Steel's are a bit larger and mainly suitable for cutting tests and functionality. Hanwei has put more emphasis on the elegance of these weapons and has often designed them with a matching rapier for decoration.