Dagger & sword scabbards & holders

Beautiful leather scabbards, belt holders and sword belts for Roman, medieval and Viking swords and daggers. Perfect for reenactment, LARP and sword training

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Dagger scabbards, sword scabbards and belt holders

Our handmade leather sword scabbards are suitable for all types of swords and daggers. We also have back scabbards for carrying larger swords on your back. Our huge assortment of sword scabbards is divided into scabbards, weapon rings, belt holders and sword loops. All these accessories are perfect for hanging your sword or dagger from your belt. That way, you’ll have it at hand quickly during the day and you will not have to carry it around.


Sword scabbards for your historical costume and safety

In our large assortment there is always an ideal sword scabbard that fits your reenactment, LARP or cosplay character. This is an essential accessory for any sword owner, because your sword will remain in its scabbard for the largest part of the day. The scabbards and sword holders serve a decorative purpose but are very important for your safety as well. You can put your sword in the scabbard when you are not using it. You also have your hands free during a festival because you can carry the sword on your belt instead of in your hands.