LARP weapon holders

We have scabbards and belt holders for all your LARP weapons! LARP ring holders, sword belts, axe holders and more. High quality leather by Epic Armoury, Mytholon, Windlass and other brands.

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Scabbards, weapon holders and ring holders for all your LARP weapons

During a LARP you want to wear your LARP weapon on your belt. You can show off your beautiful LARP weapon and use it quickly in LARP battles. We have leather holders, scabbards, ring holders and more for all your LARP weapons. Our LARP weapon holders are made in many colours and designs. When you are a reenactor and LARPer you can use them for both steel and latex weapons. Some of our LARP scabbards and weapon holders have a soft faux fur lining, so that your LARP weapon will not get damaged if you pull it out of its holder often during a LARP battle.