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Replica Mjolnir necklace and pendant

Looking for a beautiful authentic Viking mjolnir? In our shop you can buy replica mjolnirs based on original jewellery from the Viking era, found in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. There are several famous historical Mjolnirs such as the Schonen hammer, the Icelandic Thor's hammer from Fossi and more. Perfect for Viking reenactment, Viking costumes, pagans and modern Vikings for everyday use. Our mjolnirs are made of several materials such as bone, iron, bronze and silver.


Thor's hammer pendants for sale

In Viking mythology, the Mjolnir is the hammer of the god Thor, forged by the dwarves Brokkr and Eitri. When Thor threw the hammer he never missed his target and only Thor was strong enough to lift it. As a symbol of the supreme god Thor, it was a popular amulet to wear around the neck. The Mjolnir was also the symbol of marriage. In early Christianity, Vikings wore the Mjolnir as a cross.