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Tudor clothing, Renaissance clothing & Renaissance costumes

Here you will find all the garments you need to create your own unique Renaissance  costume. Historically, Renaissance clothing is more colourful and elegant than medieval clothing. The clothes were tighter at the chest and the skirts wider. In Renaissance fashion people wore layers of clothing to create volume. For example, men wore a doublet and women a tight bodice over a dress. The sleeves became wider as well. Our Renaissance clothing is perfect for a Robin Hood costume, Tudor reenactment, Renaissance reenactment and festivals.


Renaissance dress & Renaissance fashion

We have several Renaissance and Tudor dresses in our Renaissance clothing assortment. Unlike medieval dresses, Renaissance and Tudor dresses had a more elaborate neckline and more emphasis on the waist. These dresses were also combined with a tight bodice to create volume and a waistline and the dresses often had striking sleeves. There was more emphasis on the chest and hips. This trend had already started during the Late Middle Ages.


Renaissance shirt and Landsknecht clothing

In our webshop we have various high quality, durable and low-priced Renaissance shirts in several colours. Unlike medieval tunics, Renaissance shirts were shorter and often had a V-neck with wider sleeves. You can wear a Renaissance shirt separately or combine it with a doublet. Are you looking for Landsknecht clothing? We have beautiful Landsknecht pants, shirts and coats.