Viking & Saxon tents

Canvas Saxon tents with poles, Viking tents, market tents for reenactment, LARP, festivals, medieval fairs, Viking camping and living history. Free shipping available

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LARP tent and reenactment tent

When you go to LARP or reenactment events you often stay for the weekend. We have canvas tents in several sizes for 3 people up to an entire LARP or reenactment group. These tents are also perfect for medieval festivals. We also have a trade tent to set up a medieval or Viking market stall. Children’s tents are available too for the little reenactors and LARPers among us, as well as craft tents to show your historical craft during an event.


Saxon tent

The Saxon tent is very handy to use as a LARP tent or reenactment tent, and perfect for groups. On the inside you can divide the tent into different rooms for more privacy if you sleep with a larger group. The Saxon tents have a canvas door to close the tent at night and keep the cold out. During the day you can open the tent and use the door as a tarp. Now visitors can look in the tent and come in to admire your reenactment crafts. The Saxon tents are delivered including divisible poles that you can slide together.


Viking tents for sale

The Viking tents in our shop are based on authentic Viking A-frame tent originals. Perfect for LARP, reenactment and living history. These tents are delivered without poles. The poles are easy to make yourself with, for example, wood from the hardware store.