Pommel type, peened, riveted, screwed

The pommel of a sword can be attached to the tang assembly blade in several ways. The tang is the thin part of the blade that continues into the hilt. The pommel keeps the hilt and blade together, making it secure. The pommel also indirectly provides extra balance in the sword. 


The end of the pliers construction is in that case provided with screw thread. The pommel is screwed onto the end. This is mainly done with the cheaper or decorative swords.


The pommel is attached to the end of the tang assembly with a rivet. This method is very solid, so this is often done with Battle-Ready swords. 


In some cases the pommel is soldered to the tang construction, this is similar to riveting and is mainly done with battle-ready swords.


This means that the tang construction runs through the pommel. The top of the tang is heated and gently hammered shut and then expands. 


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