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Greek spear, Roman pilum and hasta

Spears were a common weapon used by the armies of classical antiquity. The Greeks in the Phalanx army used long spears for stabbing: the doru. In the Roman army, legionaries threw their pilum or javelin to break enemy lines and create confusion. The pilum often got stuck in the enemy’s shield and could not be removed quickly. The enemy was then forced to continue fighting without a shield and was therefore more vulnerable. The hasta was another Roman spear used in close combat.

Viking spear, spearhead for making your own spear & Cold Steel spear

The spear was also a very popular weapon among the Vikings, more popular than swords because it was cheaper to produce. The spear consisted of a long wooden shaft and a steel spearhead. Discover our beautiful selection of Viking spears now! Additionally, you can also find loose spear heads and wooden shafts so you can make your own spear. We also offer Germanic spearheads, Viking spearheads and winged spearheads with hand-forged finishes. For the razor-sharp spear enthusiast we have Cold Steel spears and pole weapons as well!

Medieval halberd & other pike weapons from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

The halberd is an infamous weapon of the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Many soldiers fought with a halberd as their primary weapon, they were known as halberdiers. The halberd was designed to inflict great damage and pierce strong armour. The halberd was an accessible weapon for the infantry due to its cheap production costs. In addition to the halberd, you can also find other medieval and Renaissance pole weapons in our webshop, like the glaive and the berdiche. These were also reasonably cheap and accessible, because farmers were able to use their agricultural tools as weapons in the war. Heads of halberds and glaives are also available separately, so you can make your own pole weapon for reenactment.