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Medieval surcoats: knight and crusader surcoats

The knight surcoat was worn over plate armour since the Crusades. It protected the steel from the heat of the sun in the desert. On the surcoat the knighthood was depicted and later the surcoat was worn during the war with their own heraldry and during jousting. The Templar wore white surcoats with a red cross. For medieval reenactment, we have several surcoats with heraldry of knight orders. Like the Templar, Hospitallers and Teutonics.


Medieval women’s surcoats: surcotte

In the Middle Ages, the surcotte was also a piece of clothing that women wore over their dress. This was in fashion. Women could combine two different colours of clothing. Surcottes are popular garments in medieval reenactment and LARP. We recommend to combine a dress and surcotte with a belt so that you can also hang bags and other items on your belt.