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Fantasy bags for your LARP costume! Backpacks, pouches, pirate bags and LARP bags. Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Burgschneider & more brands. Free shipping available

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LARP bags and pirate bags by Epic Armoury, Burgschneider, Mytholon

Buy the perfect bag for your LARP or Cosplay costume. We have beautiful elven bags by Epic Armoury, but also the famous Burgschneider fabric backpacks for carrying scrolls and other accessories. We also have potion bottle bags.


Bottle holders and festival bags

When you go to a LARP or festival like Castlefest you can buy a bottle holder. These are leather holders in which you can place a plastic bottle. You then hang this on your belt. This way you don't have to walk around with the bottle in your hand all the time, and you have a nice bag in medieval style! You can also use it for parchment and papyrus scrolls, treasure maps and other LARP accessories.