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On this page you can find an overview of medieval swords, based on original swords from the Middle Ages! Use the filter to search for a specific medieval period or theme, or scroll through the entire overview. All swords are fully functional and made of real steel. In the product texts you find information like the hardness of the steel, if the sword is meant for decoration, or suitable for intensive sword fighting. Many swords are also delivered including a leather scabbard.

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Medieval swords are divided into several types according to the Oakeshott sword types. The Oakeshott type can be decided by the length and shape of the blade, the shape and size of the pommel and the size of the grip. In the Middle Ages, swords were very luxurious and expensive objects. Only the wealthy in society owned a sword. These were knights, Templars, nobles, men from wealthy trading families, and the like. The common farmers used agricultural implements like sickles and scythes. A sword is therefore a beautiful luxury item to decorate your wall with or to give as a gift for Christmas and birthdays.

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In our webshop you can also find many medieval knight swords & templar swords for reenactment, living history, sword fighting and ornamental swords for homes or businesses. Perfect for medieval restaurants and museums. Our swords are also great as props for theatres & the movie industry