Plate armour

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Full armour & suits of armour: fully wearable knight armour

In our webshop you will find various full knight armors, these are suitable for reenactment or LARP battles. When you are not wearing armour, this is a beautiful medieval home decoration!


Medieval armour and plate armour: assembling your own armour

We also offer separate armour parts. These are perfect for putting together a suit of armour according to your own taste. Individual armour parts are cheaper than a full suit of armour. If you want to spread the expense of buying a suit of armour over several years, you can collect the full armour by buying the separate armour parts over a longer period of time. This is also perfect if you don't want to wear a full armour set. As an example, you can wear some plate armour parts in combination with a gambeson. All armour parts are fully functional and made of steel. We have medieval armour with several steel thicknesses. The steel thickness determines what you can use it for, for example: 1 mm for LARP costumes and 1.5 mm and up for reenactment battles. You can have certain armour parts custom made to your measurements and choose the steel thickness yourself as well.