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Shop for pirate costumes and pirate outfits. We have jackets, coats, pants, shirts, hats by Mytholon, Epic Armoury & more. For Black Sails Cosplay, LARP, carnival, reenactment

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Pirate costumes, clothing and outfits for LARP & Cosplay

We have high quality pirate clothing for LARP & Cosplay! From quality European brands such as Epic Armoury, Windlass, Burgschneider, Leonardo Carbone & Mytholon. Our pirate clothing is well-made, made of high quality fabric and is low priced. We have a large assortment of garments to create your unique pirate costume with. Or create your own Black Sails & Pirates of the Caribbean Cosplay. The garments are historically accurate and suitable for reenactment or living history. Our pirate clothing is based on garments seen in paintings and other visual art.


Pirate coats and pirate shirts

In our collection we have a large variety of pirate coats in different colours and materials. Buccaneers, privateers and pirates were sailing on the open seas and a coat was an essential item of clothing. Pirates usually wore long navy military coats with buttons and a slit at the back. Buccaneers’ and privateers’ coats were often quite luxurious with decorated sleeves. We also have a large choice of pirate shirts that you can wear under your coat.


Pirate hat: tricorn

The tricorn is a typical hat for pirates, buccaneers and privateers. The hat has a triangular design, which is why it is called a tricorn. Your pirate outfit is not complete without a tricorn! In our webshop you can choose from a large variety of tricorns. Here you can find cheaper felt tricorns or exclusive leather variants.