Medieval monk cowls

Discover our collection of authentic medieval monks' cowls and habits. Franciscan & Benedictan habits for reenactment, LARP & monk costumes.

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Medieval monks’ cowls and habits for sale

They are very popular in medieval reenactment: the monks’ cowl. There were several religious orders with their own colours, so you have to consider what kind of cowl you want to buy. Franciscans wore a brown habit and Benedictines a black habit. Cisterzians wore a white habit. On this page you will also find matching cloaks for your monk costume.


Medieval monk costume

Monks’ cowls and habits are a carnival trend as well. Nowadays more and more people want an authentic beautiful costume instead of a party shop outfit. Our monk habits are made of high quality roughly woven cotton which gives it the appearance of medieval linen. Combine your habit with a belt or piece of rope and an incense burner for an extra stunning effect!