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In the Middle Ages knights wore chainmail coifs and aventails. They wore the coif in combination with a hauberk, but sometimes separate for extra protection. They then tied the coif to the gambeson with laces or aiglets. When wearing a hauberk or coif to Medieval festivals, LARP events or during reenactment activities, we recommend fastening it to the gambeson with leather laces so that it stays in place. It is also more comfortable to always wear a gambeson arming cap or a thin medieval cap under the coif.


Chainmail voiders, chausses, sabatons and other supplements, how does it work?

After the 15th century people started to wear more and more armour parts. There were gaps between the armour pieces in knight armour. Chainmail supplements such as voiders were badly needed to protect openings and cracks in armour. When using voiders the enemy was unable to find weak spots to injure the opponent. These voiders and chainmail skirts were sewn to the gambeson or fastened with leather straps. This created an extra protective layer underneath the harness parts.