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The UK knight shop for your Reenactment and LARP armour.

Knights on horseback wore full suits of armour for optimal protection. Our suits of armour are made by experts. Whether you are looking for a decorative medieval armour set or a complete 15th century tournament armour set, we have a huge selection of armour and armour parts. We have many years of experience in developing and manufacturing armour for jousting, reenactment and education. Some of our suits of armour are used on a daily basis.


Suits of armour for sale! Handmade & brand armour

We offer custom made and ready to wear suits of armour by brands like Mytholon, Epic Armoury, Deepeeka and Marto. Both types of harnesses are well suited for reenactment and LARP. Custom-made harnesses are often more expensive, but fit your body measurements and are often made of tempered steel. We have a broad knowledge of making harnesses. We have one of the largest harness databases in the world and are specialised in harnesses that can also be used with various supplements.


Suit of armour maintenance with Ballistol oil

Suits of armour need regular maintenance. It is best to spray the steel with Ballistol oil. Ballistol is our favourite spray for steel and leather. It prevents leather straps from drying out and breaking. Do leather straps or rivets break off? No problem, we also sell these accessories separately.