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The most beautiful Viking weapons online! Want to buy a Viking blade? Visit our webshop for authentic Viking sword replicas, free shipping available. Windlass & Hanwei.

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Check our large selection of Viking blades. When you want to buy a Viking sword, it is important to consider whether you want to buy a decorative blade for the wall, or a battle ready sword for sword fighting. In the product texts you will find all the information you need. If you have a question, let us know.


Authentic Viking sword replicas

Almost all Viking swords in our webshop are based on real swords from the Viking era and therefore historically accurate. Typical for Viking swords is the lobed sword pommel, which usually had three or 5 lobes. A Viking sword also had a wide blade. Viking swords were expensive weapons to forge and symbolised status and wealth. Most Vikings therefore battled with an ax or spear. Therefore, Viking swords are a beautiful & luxurious gift for a special person in your life or yourself.


High quality Viking weapons from the best brands

All Viking weapons in our webshop are made of real steel. Here you can find the best Viking sword brands. Deepeeka has beautiful swords for light sword fighting and for decorative use, based on archaeological finds. The swords of Windlass Steelcrafts are semi-sharp of very strong steel and for intensive fighting, and can be blunted or sharpened to your preference. Hanwei and Cold Steel swords are either razor-sharp for decoration and cutting tests or blunt for intense sword fighting.