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Discover our collection of authentic medieval jewellery, necklaces and rings. Anne Boleyn necklaces, fleur de lys pendants, Tudor earrings and rings, gothic earrings & more

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Medieval necklace

We are the largest historical jewellery store for medieval jewellery in the UK. Our medieval necklaces are based on original historical finds and on paintings. For example, we have several faux pearl necklaces based on paintings of Anne Boleyn in the National Portrait Gallery. These are great for a Tudor costume or medieval reenactment. In addition, flowers, crosses and fleur de lys were also popular pendants for necklaces in the Middle Ages.


Medieval ring

Discover our beautiful medieval rings. We have rings with a Tudor rose, pewter signet rings and engagement rings. Beautiful with a medieval dress or to wear in modern life. Our rings are made of pewter, bronze and brass.