Putting on chest and back armour

Putting on your chest and back armour isn’t too difficult to do, but there are a few things to keep in mind. It would also be easier if you have someone there to help you for some parts of this process. 

Before your first time wearing your armour, it can be handy to do a test wearing first for the fit. 

Make sure you’re wearing the underlayers you are planning on wearing with your armour during this test fitting, like a gambeson and chainmail. 

Start with fitting the chest piece. Just put it on your shoulders and have it lay against your chest. If you feel like the chestpiece is too tight or loose around the neck, take it off again. You can slightly bend the shoulder parts to make it fit better. 

Once you’re satisfied with the fit around your neck, you can look at the fit around your torso. If you think the chestplate is a bit too wide or tight, you can again bend it slightly to fit better. 

After you have the chestplate fitting nicely, you can go through this process again with the backplate. 

When both parts of your torso armour are fitting correctly, you can start attaching the front and back to each other. There are straps and buckles on the shoulders and on the sides.

Start with attaching the straps on the shoulders to the corresponding buckles. When these are attached, you can do the same with the buckles on the sides. 

Watch this video to see a more detailed instruction on fitting and putting on your chest and back armour. 

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