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Pickelhaube helmet WW1

The Pickelhaube is a helmet that was worn by several European armies in the 19th and 20th centuries. However, it is mainly associated with the Prussian army due to its designer being King Frederick Willemn IV of Prussia. The police force in some countries, like Sweden and Chile, still wear the Pickelhaube. The most well-known characteristic of the pickelhaube is the spiked tip and the flap at the back for protecting the neck. In some countries a horse hair plume was worn on the helmet. Cuirassiers and high-ranking figures wore a steel pickelhaube with decorations, while other lower ranking helmets were usually made of leather.


German WW2 helmet: the Stahlhelm

The paratroopers of the German Air Force in World War II wore the Stahlhelm. A rusty piece of iron wire was often strung around the helmet, for fastening camouflage. The iron wire kept the camouflage in place, such as leaves, branches and plants. These helmets mainly protected against pieces of grenades and debris.