LARP color lenses

Coloured Cosplay lenses for LARP, Cosplay, Halloween and costumes. Discover our LARP store for LARP character accessories. Zombie lenses, white lenses, red lenses & more

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Coloured Cosplay lenses for Cosplay, Halloween & LARP

Make your costume more realistic with our professional coloured lenses. Our colour lenses can be worn for a long time and are approved by the cosmetics law. Our colour lenses are made by Epic Effects, daughter company of Epic Armoury. Our colour lenses are also used professionally in film studios and on stage. They are also perfect for Halloween costumes, Cosplay and LARP.


How do the coloured contacts lenses work

Coloured contact lenses work the same as normal contact lenses. It is best to use them with normal lens solution and put them in and out like you do with normal contact lenses. Please note, colour lenses should never be worn over regular contact lenses. Read the instructions before use.