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LARP knife and LARP dagger

Discover our assortment of LARP knives and daggers and LARP throwing knives. The throwing knives do not have a fibreglass core and are made of LARP latex and foam. The regular LARP daggers are longer and have a fibreglass core. Our LARP knives are 100% safe for LARP battles. Matching scabbards and sword rings are available for most LARP knives and daggers.


LARP throwing knife

Most of our LARP throwing knives are sold per piece, with a scabbard or in sets of 3. During intense LARP battles you can sometimes lose one of your smaller LARP objects. With our sets you always have a replacement at hand. Our knives are made of high quality foam and latex. Many seem lifelike. Matching knife holders and sheaths are available for many of our LARP throwing knives.