LARP staffs, spears & halberds

Discover our LARP staffs, spears, halberds and magic staffs. Long LARP weapons by the best brands. Epic Armoury, Mytholon & more. Free shipping available!

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LARP staff, spears and halberds

Our LARP pole weapons (LARP staffs, spears and halberds) have a strong fibreglass core, so they do not break during battles. The weapons are tested and approved for LARP battles and events such as Conquest. Our LARP weapons are made exclusively by top brands with decades of experience in the LARP world. On this page you can find large and long LARP weapons for your unique LARP character. Historical LARP weapons like Viking spears and fantasy weapons like LARP warlock staffs. The ultimate accessories for your LARP costume and your best friend in LARP battles.