Installing a spearhead

When you buy a separate spearhead and shaft it’s important to make sure the spearhead is attached properly and securely.

Always make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear!

What do you need?

-wood shaver or wood file

-hammer or drill

-nails or rivet 

-pen or pencil

How to install the spearhead

Step 1:

Generally, the shafts are too thick to fit in the spearhead far enough to be secure. Resize or re-shape the top of the shaft by carving it down or filing it. Regularly check your process by fitting the spearhead, so you don’t carve off too much. You can also sand the wood after you’ve carved it down to make it more smooth.

Step 2:

Slide the spearhead on the shaft and make sure the spearhead is straight. You can now proceed in two different ways.

You can hammer in the nails through the pre-drilled holes of the spear head. Make sure the size of the nails is large enough to be secure.

Or you can mark the placement of the pre-drilled holes of the spearhead with a pen or pencil. Remove the spearhead from the shaft and drill holes where the marks are. Place the spearhead back on the shaft and make sure the holes are lined up. Place the rivet through the holes and attach the tail to the rivet. 


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